Child Sex Ratio

The continuously diminishing Child Sex Ratio
causes dangerously decreased Youth Sex Ratio
leading to insufficient brides for marriageable men
and resultant sexual deviations and violence


Female Foeticide

The sex-selective decimation of the female foetus
is against gender equality, natural justice and
family values and will bring about complete
social chaos in several parts of India within a decade


Only the Youth can
make a change

Only the young people, who feel the pinch of
of the bride-drought, the adolescents and the
newly married couples can make a change,
and will be there to enjoy the fruits of the change


Gender justice and equanimity

Demand that the female individual
be protected before and after birth and
be given nutrition, education, healthcare, wages,
share of property, etc on par with the male


Science and Technology

Advances in any field of science and technology
must be subservient to humanity and nature
and must not be used for amassing wealth at
the cost of human lives and human suffering


Purge the Society
of Social Evils

Against gender equanimity like female foeticide,
demanding and giving dowry , denying family share,
child marriage, polyandry, purchasing of brides and
ostracizing women from religious rites and governance


Join the Campaign

Join the fight for justice and equanimity,
for a safe environment for women and girls,
for the protection of family and social values
and for the progress and wellness of our nation


2025 CE

In less than a decade from now, the diminishing sex ratio is going to cause total chaos in our social and economic life. By then, the decreasing child sex ratio of the first decade of the third millennium will be the horrifyingly skewed youth sex ratio of the third decade. All type of anti-social trends like the selling of women as goods and widespread violence against women will destroy our family life, social life and economic progress which are now held in high esteem by the world community.

The concerted efforts made by the central, state and local governments, NGOs, UN Agencies, other civil society organisations and the media, after the publication of the statistics of the Census 2001, had some impact on the worst-hit states and child sex ratio showed an upward change in some of these states in the statistics of the Census 2011. But most of the states in India continued the downward trend and the menace was spreading to new areas making the child sex ratio for the country as a whole go farther down.

Here is an alarm call for intervention to all who love our country and its future, especially the young men and women of India, who can really make a change in this demographic crisis situation.

Take a Pledge

I, hereby, solemnly pledge that I shall never be a party to a decision in favour of female foeticide and that, wherever possible, I shall do all in my power to stop such a move from people whom I can influence. I shall always stand for safeguarding and supporting the girl child against all forms of discrimination.


The inevitable consequences of female foeticide


The foundation of the family is gradually disintegrating as women of marriageable age are becoming rarer and rarer


Violence against women and girls increase in places where it was unknown hitherto


Women do not feel secure to move out of the house for necessities like going to the shops and markets and places of worship


Child marriages and cases of polyandry increase


Women are purchased from backward regions as wives


These women are misfits in their new homes


They find it difficult to communicate with their in-laws


Crime rate increases in the areas where sex ratio diminishes considerably


Girls from regions where there is no problem related to decreased sex ratio suffer the consequences while on travel or when employed outside


Female visitors from other countries will be molested and international tourism will be affected


This, in turn, will affect the economic prospects of the whole country in one way or another


The country will lose, in the international arena, its image as a place of civil and polite populace

Now is the time to act
Let us Save the Pink Spot

Saving the Pink Spot is a symbolism of saving the female foetus.
#Fight4theFoetus is a campaign for spreading awareness among all people who
love the country.

Spread awareness by all means available
Share the message with all your contacts
Use the social media for spreading the message
Share your concern by word of mouth
Intervene in misuse of technological advances
Give support to unwilling mothers and
Support orphaned girl children in your neighbourhood