This is the time to intervene

This is the moment to start the fight
To save the girl child from foeticide and infanticide
To save our nation from this abomination

The Campaign

The Campaign ‘Fight4theFoetus’ is a people-based national movement against female foeticide and infanticide which is based on making the people deeply aware of the present scenario, the future consequences, the historic background and such other relevant facts and factors. All the right-thinking citizens of India are exhorted to join the campaign and spread the message through all available means. The future of India depends on the success of this campaign. If female foeticide is not stopped, India will be a socio-economic wreck in the near future and despicable before the international community.

Dare to Wear the Pink Spot

Pink colour is the colour of the girl child and the colour of love. The oval shape of the Pink Spot represents the foetus-bearing womb or pregnancy. The oval-shaped Pink Spot is the official attire of the campaign. Wearing the Pink Spot on the forehead, in line with the cultural traditions of India, symbolizes awakening of the consciousness. All the participants in the campaign will wear the oval-shaped Pink Spot on the forehead during all campaign-related activities.

By wearing the oval-shaped Pink Spot

  • You are joining forces with the female foetuses and infants being ruthlessly eliminated from the face of the earth
  • You are stating that you dare to have the girl child in your family and that you promise to protect the girl child in your family, your neighbourhood and your Country.

How to participate in the Dare to Wear the Pink Spot?

  • You can wear the Pink Spot on the forehead in every activity related with the Campaign
  • You can take a photo or short video of yourself wearing the Pink Spot
  • You can send the same with a short message of around 50 – 100 words to (If the video is a raw video, it will be edited and uploaded to the official website of the Campaign).
  • You can share the same on your Face Book page
  • You can tweet the same in the tag #fight4thefoetus
  • You can exhort your friends and contacts, at least five of them, to do likewise

The Day of the Pink Spot

The 24th of January will be celebrated as the Day of the Pink Spot. This day coincides with the National Girl Child Day celebration started by the Women and Child Development Ministry since 2008. Special programmes will be arranged to mark this day.

On that day all will be requested to wear the Pink Spot on the forehead to remember and remind others about the message of the Campaign, putting an immediate stop to female foeticide and infanticide. There will be special programmes to reach out to the young people and convince them that only they can make an immediate difference in the situation and that they will live to enjoy the fruits of such a change and pass on the benefits of such a societal transformation to posterity.

The objectives of the National Girl Child Day celebrations are in line with the objectives of the Campaign #Fight4thefoetus. The National Day is observed to focus attention on the diminishing child sex ratio, to fight female foeticide and to increase awareness among people about inequalities faced by the girl child in education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, etc. These are the same concerns voiced by the Campaign #Fight4thefoetus.