Spotting the Pink

After a decade, the diminished child sex ratio of the first decade
of the millennium will billow into the greatest social problem in several
areas of the country, bringing shame to the whole nation,
and washing away all the socio-economic advances our nation has made.

Campaign Films

There will be two films made for the furtherance of the Campaign. The support and cooperation of the Government, NGOs working in this field, press and other media people, the celebrities in various fields, the social workers, like-minded people, institutions and organisations are sought and utilised for the production of these films. The films will be screened at film festivals and propagated through all facilities provided by the electronic media, including social sites and other internet resources.

Spotting the Pink (Documentary)

‘Spotting the Pink’ is a documentary film covering the historical background, the variegated and complicated reasons and the serious consequences of female foeticide and the most feasible remedial measures for this issue. It discusses all relevant topics and covers all the 29 states and 7 union territories of India. Every effort is made to make this film as comprehensive and exhaustive as possible. Live stories and interviews are recorded from the perpetrators, the associates, those who campaign and work against this crime and the voiceless or helpless victims. The film focuses on the present scenario and the impacts of the increasing number of foeticides, or the decreasing child sex ratio and delves deep into the behind–the-scenes manipulations by the real culprits who are often left unpunished.

Save the Pink Spot (Docu-fiction)

While the first film has a pessimistic approach dwelling more on the dangerous consequences of the decreasing child sex ratio, this second film which is planned as a sequel to it, concentrates more on the remedial measures and approaches the theme in a more optimistic manner, with some fictional elements thrown in to make the viewing experience more palatable. Young people will be the target and focus of the film as they have a crucial role to play in tiding over the crisis without much delay. As in the first film, the whole of India is covered and views from various angles are integrated into the movie and some feasible solutions are put forward, standing firmly on the ground of factual realities.