Coordinating all initiatives

Pooling together all like-minded efforts
of NGOs, agencies, authorities, individuals...
supporting, recognizing and rewarding them
for concerted action and immediate results.

Primary Goals

  • During the campaign period of 6 years there must be considerable increase in Child Sex Ratio, so that the statistics of the next decennial Census in 2021 will show that the youth of India can make a substantial change in the situation. The statistics for Census 2031 should show that the crisis has passed over.
  • Coordinate all initiatives and activities aimed at stopping female foeticide going on in the country, both big and small, and bring all individuals, institutions and organisations engaged in such activities under one umbrella for concerted action and immediate results
  • Give recognition to commendable and outstanding activities in this direction and help in strengthening and spreading their work in more areas to reach more common people
  • Reach out to the younger generation, the adolescents, those of marriageable age and the recently married young people who can make the immediate change that the Campaign envisages and who can enjoy the fruits of the change, through the media tools that most appeal to them.
  • Encourage all individuals engaged in anti-foeticide activities on their own and give them all necessary moral support and possible material support
  • Make the message reach more people and better understood, especially the younger generation, by using more appealing methods of catching their attention and touching their hearts, like songs, anecdotes, stories and such other interesting and innovative creations in video and/or audio, through multimedia communication outlets like social sites.
  • Prepare and supply multi-media tools to all activists, social workers, Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations who are engaged in anti-female-foeticide, pro-girl-child and gender-equality activities and inspire them to utilise these tools to spread the message.
  • Utilise all type of imaging resources like photos, graphics, paintings, animations, videos and films and all type of performing arts like songs, dance forms, drama, traditional folk performances and other stage performances to spread the message
  • Reduce the technology divide, illiteracy and lack of updating knowledge, especially among the law-enforcing personnel, so that they may be able to easily recognise and bring to book the techno-savvy perpetrators of foeticide who use technology to go unpunished
  • Educate the authorities, especially the local administration personnel of most problematic areas, to analyze the Census data and to take effective action in their area and to see that the whole amount of the incentives for girl children reach the right beneficiaries on right time
  • Encourage deeper study of the constitutional guarantees and Acts in force against female foeticide especially among the law-enforcing authorities and advocates so that they may be better informed and equipped to deal with cases in this category
  • Take action to make our parliament members and Law Ministry to bring timely amendments to the Acts in force so that the Acts may be fool-proof against new advancements in technology and medical science that facilitate female foeticide
  • Get politicians to study the issue of female foeticide and include action against this crime in their political agenda and follow up with personal initiatives in their areas of influence
  • Educate the rural masses on the dangers of polyandry, child marriage and such other obsolete practices now returning due to ‘bride-drought’.
  • Work for more social and economic independence for women within and outside their families and for universal education of all children, especially girl children
  • Support all Government initiatives in the direction of stopping female foeticide, encouraging education of girl children and economic empowerment of women