Dare to Wear the Pink

Fighting for the female foetus is fighting for life and gender justice,
fighting for nature and mankind, fighting for the future of our family and our nation.

Join the Campaign

Though we cannot avert the catastrophe, we can reduce the duration of the consequences. We can put an immediate stop to the inhuman horror of foeticide and help in preparing the society for cushioning the effect of the repercussions.

Join the campaign against foeticide. Spread awareness on the consequences of foeticide. Campaign among young people to make them convinced that only they can make an immediate change in the situation. Fight against the misuse of advanced technologies. Intervene for the support of unwilling mothers. Give financial support to orphaned girl children in your neighbourhood.

Share this message with all whom you have any contact with. Share this and pass this on through your internet facilities like email, Face Book, Twitter and such other social sites. Use all the print and electronic facilities which are available to you to spread the message of fighting against female foeticide and infanticide.

If you are part of an institution or organisation engaged in similar activities make your institution/organisation associate with the Fight4theFoetus Campaign and make use of the support materials and tools from the Campaign. Plan programmes in association with the Campaign and participate in the short film contest and such other programmes of the Campaign.

Register your Activities

You can use this form to register your activities so that we can give you all the support you need like information inputs, campaign materials, liaison work with the authorities and any other assistance that you expect from us, as and when you intimate your need for the same. We shall also give necessary technical assistance to brand your activities.

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